she’s got lions in her heart
a fire in her soul
he’s a got a beast in his belly
that’s so hard to control
'cause they've taken too much hits
taking blow by blow
now light a match, stand back
watch them explode (x)

The Legend of Korra

book one: air

B O O K  F O U R : B A L A N C E
B O O K  F O U R : B A L A N C E

enter the void.
enter the void.

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waiting for the book 4 trailer like


graphic battle | strengthofyourhearts vs. edwardrockbells

round six: avatar: the last airbender + rainbow

i forgot to add that tahno might make a small appearance (a cameo?) too 

i can’t remember exactly where i read this but someone sent a message to one of the prodcers on deviantart wondering if we’ll ever see tahno again and they (the producer) said that we should be “on the lookout” for him (tahno) in the last book 

Book 4 Rumors Round-Up

These are things that I’ve heard about Book 4 so far (note: take the following with a grain of salt): 

  • John Michael Higgins (Varrick’s voice actor) said in July 2014 - at the SDCC - that we would be learning about his character’s backstory in the last book. 
  • Hiroshi Sato supposedly makes an appearance. 
  • The airbenders are going to take on a ‘Jedi-esque’ role and travel the Avatar universe and help people. (This was confirmed by Bryan in the IGN interview they did a couple of weeks ago.) 
  • One of the first Book 4 episodes made an animator cry. 
  • There’s supposedly a time skip at the end of the book. (No source to confirm this though. It’s only a rumor.) 
  • Asami remains single at the end of Book 4. (I’m assuming that Bolin and Opal get together.) 
  • We’re going to see General Iroh again… and Tahno might make a small appearance (cameo?) as well. 

Things that we might see: 

  • A reunion scene with Zuko and Iroh (tbh Mike and Bryan wouldn’t have included the scene with Korra and Zuko discussing his uncle if it didn’t serve a purpose later on). 
  • Toph’s return. Again, Mike and Bryan wouldn’t have hinted that she was alive in Book 3 if they didn’t plan on bringing her back later on. 

Things we’ll most likely see: 

  • The Krew visiting the Fire Nation. 
  • Mako and Korra getting back together (there are more hints that point to that fact than anything). 


Old people just don’t care.